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Imaging in orofacial pain diagnosis

July 8, 2023

Imaging in orofacial pain diagnosis

Magnetic resonance neurography (MRN) in the head and neck region is attracting increasing attention in the literature. We developed a novel MRI technique, 3D CRANI, which shows promise to diagnose peripheral and trigeminal neuropathies. MRN may localize the neuropathy and even grade the severity of these neuropathies. The obtained information can be useful in diagnosing and treatment planning of patients with neuropathies. Given the recent introduction of MRN in the head and neck area. No studies are available that validate MR neurography for all extraforaminal cranial or occipital nerves. The purpose of this lecture is to illustrate the feasibility of 3D CRANI, to validate its use in extraforaminal cranial and occipital nerve visualization and to showcase pathology cases.

Presented by Jan Casselman, Fréderic Van der Cruyssen and Ivo Lambrichts

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