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Artefacts in CBCT: what have we learned from human and artificial intelligences?

Artefact is an aspect or intensity visualized in the image that does not represent the scanned object. It is inherently present in all cone beam computed tomography images; therefore, knowledge about its presence and appearance is essential for professionals. One of the most important artefacts in dentistry is caused by the beam hardening phenomenon. Beam hardening-related artefacts stand out in oral radiology for being caused by high-density materials commonly present in the oral cavity of patients, such as dental fillings, intracanal posts, and implants. There are numerous evidences about the formation, control, and influence of this kind of artefact on diagnostic tasks that will be discussed from both human and artificial intelligence points of view.

The aim of this lecture is to explain dentists the impact of artefacts on radiodiagnosis

Presented by Deborah Freitas

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