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How to get to Brussels?

The nearest airport is Brussels Airport Zaventem (about 10 Km). The best way to travel from Brussels Airport Zaventem to Brussels Central Station is by train. There are many train connections with a total train journey of 20 minutes. When travelling to and from Brussels Airport Zaventem by train, you need to have a valid Brussels Airport Supplement in your ticket. For more information regarding this Supplement, click here


From Brussels Central Station, the congress venue is at walking distance.  The Royal Library of Belgium is located just a short walk from the station, taking approximately 5 minutes to reach on foot.

Additionally, Brussels Central Station is well-connected to other parts of the city by public transportation. Visitors can take the metro, bus, or tram from the station to other parts of Brussels with ease. The station also has a taxi stand available.

Under the tab accomodation, you will find several hotels in close proximity of the congress venue. Enrich your visit to Brussels by staying in one of these amazing hotels!  

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