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Véronique Hoex

Véronique Hoex has a post-master's degree in sports physical therapy at the University of Brussels and Leuven. For five years, she studied to observe, analyse and motivate people.

In 1996 she started working for high-end medical companies. She seized the opportunity to receive extensive training on influencing and communicating.

As more and more people started to ask her for help, she began to coach them to work on their impact, body language and ways to get their message across. She's truly living out her passion for helping people to improve their communication with customers and patients or their public speaking skills.

Véronique has her own personal way of explaining how we talk to patients today. First, she will point out current stumbling blocks in a playful way, so we become aware of the pitfalls in our communication. Afterwards, she will hand out clear guidelines on what we can do to improve our communication with patients.

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Véronique Hoex
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