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Online programme

Middle East - Isreal


We welcome all participants both locally from the Middle East Region and from around the globe to join an online “imaging reading” session where three unique cases will be presented for members and colleagues to interpret and take part in the online voting platform of the IADMFR World Tour 2023. As always, imaging reading sessions are extremely stimulating and enlightening, a very popular event in every congress for young as well as for experienced colleagues.  Dr. Chen Nadler and Dr. Ragda Abdalla-Aslan will join Dr. Friedlander in preparing and presenting the online Clinical Radiological Conference.

We are looking forward to meet you all  in the online tour of our region and  to join us in a  a productive and enjoyable session.

Presented by Silvina Friedlander, Chen Nadler and Ragda Abdalla-Aslan

Middle East - Lebanon


Peri-implantitis is used to designate a damaging inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues around Osseo integrated implants, leading to the formation of a peri-implant pocket and loss of supporting bone. However, early diagnosis of marginal bone loss is vital for treatment planning and prognosis of teeth and implant. Cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) amounts to be an exceptional diagnostic means to assess the peri implant bone thickness in all dimensions compared to intra-oral (IO) radiography for detection, classification, and measurement of peri-implant bone defects. Despite the unquestionable advantages of CBCT, potential artifacts around dental implants might disturb the proper assessment of the surrounding structures. This presentation aims to tackle the pros and cons of CBCT in the diagnosis and management of Peri-implantitis.

Presented by Ahmad Rabah

Artificial Intelligence Based In-Silico Modelling for Oral Surgical Procedures: A Fantasy or a Reality?

Great achievements have been witnessed in the last half century pertaining to the fields of dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery: from the inception of 3-dimensional imaging (cone beam computed tomography) to the birth of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD-CAM); latest advancements in the field of machine learning (ML) and computer vision have allowed us to merge such complex technologies together, with the aim of accurately simulating, planning and analyzing clinical cases beforehand. 

But how accurate are such technologies in the 21st century? Could they soon be assisting clinicians in their daily workflow, or is it still a far-fetched fantasy?

Presented by Pierre Lahoud

Middle East - Egypt


As an emerging regional alliance of oral and maxillofacial radiology, with a mission to foster collaborative research with international research institutions and universities, this lecture will introduce the newly founded Egyptian Maxillofacial Radiology Alliance (EMRA) to the international community of oral & maxillofacial radiologists. A review of the ongoing and planned research work in the field of OMFR across Egyptian universities will also be addressed as well as EMRA’s plans for the near future to positively impact and advance the scientific knowledge in the field of OMFR in Egypt and the Middle East.

Presented by Nora Saïf

Middle East - Tunesia


Multiple myeloma (MM) is a malignant neoplasm which representing around 10% of malignant hematological diseases. It is characterized by neoplastic clonal proliferation of plasma cell in the bone marrow. Jaw lesions occur in nearly 35% of patients with symptomatic MM and rarely found as a primary manifestation. the lesions are found in the mandible more than in the maxilla but frequent in the skull. We present a case series of radiologic findings of patients diagnosed with MM associated with jaws and craniofacial lesions with no history of bisphosphonate therapy.

Presented by Dorra Chaabouni

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