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Nadler Chen

Senior lecturer, Head-Oral Maxillofacial Imaging, Oral Medicine Department, The Hebrew University-Hadassah Faculty of Dental Medicine, Founded by the Alpha Omega Fraternity, Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Nadler is an Oral Medicine Specialist with sub-speciality training at the University of Toronto in the Oral Radiology department. Received her BMedSc, and DMD from the Hebrew university, Hadassah school of Dental Medicine. Received her MSc, PhD and Post-Doctorate from the Microbiology department, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University.

In recent years, Dr. Nadler has expanded the imaging education program both to under-graduate and graduates students, broadened the consult service and is currently conducting cutting-edge research projects including educational, clinical and computerized research. Her main research interests are: image analysis, salivary gland imaging, specifically Sialo-CBCT and Ultrasound, bone lesions interpretation, optimal imaging as well as educational research.

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Nadler Chen
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